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OpenCloud Connect is a global industry alliance founded to address the need for scaling and enhancing current network technologies to meet the stringent demands of delivering cloud services. Snapchat shares OpenCloud Connect’s membership comprises Cloud, data center and WAN service providers, SaaS companies plus system integrators, network equipment manufacturers and Cloud business users. Its members include:- Alcatel-Lucent; Avaya, BTI Systems, Chef, Ciena, Cisco, Citrix, Comcast, CoreSite, Coriant, Cyan, Embrane, Ericsson, Equinix, HP, Huawei, Interxion, Iometrix, Hubble, Huawei, Juniper, Neustar, Nuage Networks, PCCW Global, Spirent, Telx, Tata Communications, Verizon, Veryx, Wedge Networks and others.

With virtual machine populations running into the millions across geographically dispersed datacenters plus the migration of storage networks to Ethernet, OpenCloud Connect provides a unique consensus-building framework for industry stakeholders to collectively develop solutions that address technical challenges such as VLAN scaling, layer 2 performance and resilience across very large domains and consolidating storage network technologies onto Ethernet. Baidu shares

OpenCloud Connect Highlights

metcalfe“OpenCloud Connect’s formation and its association with the MEF is great news. One of the new challenges and one of the new killer apps of the internet’s plumbing is to support cloud computing. It’s a very positive sign that a group of significant industry players have formed to sort that out, that new killer app – The Cloud”
Bob Metcalfe – Inventor of Ethernet

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SDO Liaisons

metcalfeBuy Adidas shares If you are a formal representative of an SDO and would like to contact the OpenCloud Connect leadership regarding creating a formal liaison on CloudE 1.0 work, please send an email with background information to:

Member Testimonials

Rick Schell quoteAs a founding member of OpenCloud Connect, Verizon is pleased to be a part of an organization that brings together service providers with cloud and Ethernet equipment companies. The OpenCloud Connect provides a place where cloud and Ethernet experts can cooperatively resolve complex issues and work toward common standards. As a result, today’s cloud services are better leveraging the flexibility of Ethernet services, which is critical to the success of cloud and Ethernet service providers.
Rick Schell, Principle Member of Technical Staff, Verizon
Jeffrey Schmitz quoteCloud networking to cloud computing, virtual machines to virtual networks, NFV to SDN all mean assessing the design and deployment of these new environments. OpenCloud Connect is a confluence of interests that recognizes the need to create solutions and frameworks that drive the move from Ethernet based Cloud Networking to resilient, secure and profitable Cloud Computing. A founding member of OpenCloud Connect, Spirent recognized early the need for high performing, available, scalable and secure cloud and virtual networks.”
Jeffrey Schmitz, Executive Vice President, Spirent Communications
james-walker-quoteFour years ago we migrated our Ethernet over SDH services to native Ethernet over PBB and it is proving highly popular with our datacenter customers. They love Ethernet’s simplicity and scalability and want more. However, as datacenter networks become larger and more sophisticated, they are coming up against challenges, and the OpenCloud Connect is committed to resolving those issues.
James Walker, Vice President, Managed Network Services, Tata Communications.
nan-chen-quoteSolutions from OpenCloud Connect will increase demand for Carrier Ethernet services –aligning it closely with the MEF’s objectives and mission to accelerate the adoption of carrier-class Ethernet globally.
Nan Chen, President of the MEF
nan-chen-quoteMore than 70 percent of all Ethernet ports will be sold into cloud infrastructures in the next five years. Juniper is very focused on accelerating Ethernet deployments by promoting open standards for automation and network virtualization. Working with OpenCloud Connect, we believe customers will enjoy the benefits of vendor interoperability and faster service delivery.”
Doug Wills, Senior Director, Product Marketing & Management, Juniper
Dave Larson quoteHP’s commitment to this is already proven with our industry-leading Software-Defined Networking innovations and we look forward to extending that lead as part of the OpenCloud Connect initiative to drive compelling cloud services for carriers, enterprises and communication service providers.
Dave Larson, Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, and Chief Technology Officer, Networking, HP.

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