Forum Purpose

The purpose of the OpenCloud Connect Forum is to develop recommended standardized implementations of existing Ethernet technologies – and where not yet available in other SDOs, to develop the relevant technologies – that will enable the creation of highly scalable and adaptable cloud service infrastructures that are optimized for performance, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Forum Work Areas

Globalized cloud services are powered by ever larger numbers of Virtual Machines (VMs) and storage devices which need to be located and networked to optimize localized performance and cost effectiveness while meeting regulatory requirements.
Ethernet already provides a key building block for cloud service infrastructures. The OpenCloud Connect Forum was formed in order to maximize the use of Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet to meet the needs of future generations of cloud service infrastructures by addressing the following implementation challenges which are already impacting the evolution of globalized cloud services.

Scalability and Mobility of Computing Power

Ethernet-based technologies exist that can support millions of VLANs that are used to connect VMs to users. The Forum will work on ways to implement those technologies, and where required will recommend enhancements, to maximize the transparency of deployment, and to minimize the configuration required for setup and operation of VMs.

Cloud Service Infrastructure Performance

Broadcast, Multicast and Unicast (BUM) traffic at layer 2 is essential for the operation of collections of VMs and storage devices and management by the orchestration layer at layer 3 and above.
The Forum will work on minimizing layer 2 performance degradation by BUM traffic while maximizing the effectiveness of the orchestration level that depends on that traffic when managing ver large numbers of dispersed assets.

Scalability and Mobility of Storage

Storage in cloud services must be highly resilient with extremely low latency. The Forum will work on ensuring that Ethernet technologies can be implemented to meet the network performance requirements of distributed storage in the cloud, thereby consolidating the multiple unaligned storage network technologies currently in use.

Ultimately, the work of the OpenCloud Connect Forum enables cloud service providers, carriers and enterprises to quickly and simply build and manage very large amounts of computing and storage capacity to meet the rapidly changing localized performance, scalability and regulatory requirements of cloud services, all while optimizing operational costs. Just as the MEF has enhanced and standardized Carrier Ethernet to create services suitable for geographically-dispersed enterprises and mobile operators worldwide, the OpenCloud Connect Forum will work to develop Ethernet to enable collections of millions of virtual servers and storage devices to perform reliably and efficiently across both regional and global networks.