Meet the First Five Media Judges: Austin, Griffiths, Pizzaro, Rash, Zeichick

The Cloud Leopards Den 2015 prize is on track to recognize the most innovative cloud startups on the planet – and we are proud to announce the first five of the Media Judges for the competition.

A quick review: The Clouded Leopards Den 2015 competition will identify startups offering the greatest cloud innovation. There are two categories, one for very small companies looking for their Round A funding, and one for later-state companies looking for […]

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Software Defined Networks + Security = Cloud Innovation

The mind often boggles when thinking about innovation in the cloud. The cloud, after all, enables everything from mobile gaming to business computing, and the players behind the cloud are involved in data centers, infrastructure, networking, wireless, software development, and more. As we think about the Clouded Leopards Den 2015 cloud innovation prize, let’s ponder one great example of a cloud innovator: Wedge Networks.

Wedge Networks is all about security, with a focus on service […]

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The ultimate Internet cat: The beautiful Clouded Leopard

Let’s talk about the Clouded Leopard.

There are those who claim that the entire purpose of the Internet is to share cat photos and cat videos. Forget e-commerce, forget Wikipedia, forget checking email or posting your social media status. Unless, of course, you are posting something about your cat.

The team behind the Clouded Leopards Den 2015 prize have their own favorite Internet cat, of course, and we have chosen this beautiful animal as our mascot. […]

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The CloudEthernet Forum – Creating a Platform for Cloud Innovation

Plants and trees thrive in rich soil. Technology innovation thrives in rich industry standards. Today’s world is filled with innovation around cloud technologies, and an organization at the heart of this world is the CloudEthernet Forum (CEF).

In fact, the Clouded Leopards Den 2015 competition, which will identify the hottest cloud startups, is sponsored by the CEF!

So who is the CEF? The CloudEthernet Forum is a global industry alliance founded to address the need for […]

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Top tech journalists, analysts cover the Cloud Innovation Challenge

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: The Clouded Leopards Den 2015 competition for innovative cloud startups is up and running, with excellent coverage from the international press.

Capsule summary: The Clouded Leopards Den 2015, sponsored by the CloudEthernet Forum, will recognize the world’s most innovative cloud innovators. There are two categories, one for very small firms looking for their A-level funding, and another for pre-IPO companies looking for B/C funding.

The competition is open for entries […]

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Big prizes for cloud innovators who win the Clouded Leopards Den 2015

The Clouded Leopards Den 2015 will highlight the hottest, brightest stars in Cloud innovation. Fame? Fortune? Let’s review the basics of the Cloud innovation competition, and then look at the prizes!

What: The Clouded Leopards Den recognizes the hottest Cloud starts, both early stage (seeking A round funding) and later pre-IPO stage (seeking B/C funding).

Who: The first-round judges for the Clouded Leopards Den will be global press and analysts. The finalists and winners will be […]

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Telecom Ramblings asks, would you enter a clouded leopard’s den?

Cloud innovation is top of mind for nearly every technology writer, journalist and analyst, and Rob Powell is no exception. Rob is editor of Telecom Ramblings, a long-running news site for the telecommunications industry.

Rob recently attended the MEF GEN14 conference in Washington D.C., where he learned about Clouded Leopards Den – a global competition to identify the hottest startups and early-stage companies in the cloud industry. In his story, “Would You Enter a Clouded […]

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The Clouded Leopards Den Competition explains about the actual Clouded Leopard

This year’s most exciting competition for cloud startups is the Clouded Leopards Den 2015, sponsored by the CloudEthernet Forum. Designed to identify the best of the hottest new startups and pre-IPO companies, the competition is available today, and the winners will be named in April 2015 at the NetEvents Cloud Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

You may be wondering: What’s a clouded leopard, and what does a cat have to do with cloud computing?

Let’s put […]

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Telecom Asia applauded the Clouded Leopards Den

“I applaud the CEF for introducing a sense of adventure and whimsy into a startup-centric contest. Why not? The idea is to get worthy IT candidates in front of the money guys (and the animal itself is interesting: “In China the cat is known as the ‘Mint Leopard’ because its spots can also look like mint leaves,” says the Clouded Leopard Project).”

Those are the words of Stefan Hammond, posting on’s blog. His post, […]

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Small cats purr, large cats roar – Enter the Clouded Leopards Den and accelerate cloud innovation…

Top VCs, business angels and IT luminaries will select winners from the hottest pre-IPO cloud companies

Washington DC, 19th November 2014: A new competition “The Clouded Leopards Den” has been launched today at GEN14, not only to identify potential winners among early and mid-stage cloud computing start-ups but also to accelerate their opportunity for success by providing high-level exposure to media, analysts, VC’s and IT leaders, plus offer access to business mentors, marketing and technical […]

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