Open Day

July 28th 2014

Tata Datacentre, Santa Clara, USA


Be involved first hand to showcase the CEF’s OpenCloud Project (OCP) and how it will accelerate the development of CloudE1.0.

There will be a series of 90 minute scheduled briefings held throughout the day running from 9.30am – 5.30pm with companies interested in participating in the OpenCloud Project plus a press group tour. These sessions will be split into a 60 minute briefing on CloudEthernet Project followed by a 30 minute briefing on the role of the CEF.

If you would like to attend the CEF OpenCloud Project “Open Day” at the Tata Datacenter in Santa Clara on Monday July 28th you may book a 1.5hr time-slot with CEF leadership – please send your request to Becky Rudyard, tel: +1 408 520 9651. For additional information please contact Mark Fox.