Oracle Analytics Overview

One of the best ways to gain insight into a company is to analyze their financial statements. To do this, it’s possible to use analytical software such as Oracle Business Intelligence.

Analytical applications are powerful because they allow you to examine data and extract useful information. It’s possible to combine multiple pieces of data in order to answer questions that might not be clear without them. In addition, you can compare data sets over time.

What Is Oracle Analytics?

Oracle analytics (OA) is a set of tools that allow you to analyze data. OA consists of three main components: the database engine, the reporting tool, and the analysis toolkit. The first component, the database engine, allows you to store information in a structured manner. This means that you can use the same techniques to retrieve and manipulate this information.

The second component, the reporting tool, enables you to view the results of your queries on screen.

Finally, the third component, the analysis toolkit, provides you with an interface so you can perform statistical analyses on the data.

Why Oracle Analytics Is Using?

This software enables users to create reports, dashboards, and other visualizations. Businesses can use these features to gain insights into how well they are performing, so that they can take action to ensure continued success.

There are several reasons why companies choose to implement the Oracle Analytics Suite. For example, the software helps them to increase revenue and decrease costs. It also improves the way in which customers interact with a company’s services.

Advantages of Oracle Analytics

One of the main advantages of using Oracle Analytics is the ability to create dashboards. A dashboard is basically an interactive visual display that lets you explore and analyze information. You can also share these dashboards with others.

Another advantage of using Oracle Analytics is the ability to integrate it into other applications. For example, you can connect it to your CRM system so that you have access to all of the relevant customer information at any time.

You should know that the cost of Oracle Analytics depends on whether or not you want to purchase a cloud-based version of the program.


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